Two Digit 1.5" All in One Display

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  • MD1502
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  • One or Two Digit Operation (Perfect for an Elevator Floor Number Display)
  • Overall Size: 3-1/2" x 1-7/8" X 7/8"
  • 6 to 12 DC Voltage Range
  • Supports Optional Key Pads
  • Available in Red Only
  • Over 60 Function Variations

    With our compact displays you can add realism to your Props and Sets easily with little electronics knowledge.

    Our MD56xx Displays have quickly become the "Entertainment Industry Standard" LED display for Props and Sets, that require almost anything from a simple non-flickering alarm clock display replacement, to a count down bomb timer.

    Each of our MD's (multipurpose displays) have the option to be connected to a 12 or 16 button keypad (sold separately) for maximum control and flexibility. At the same time, the normal operation and each of the more than sixty adjustments can be accessed with just three Buttons.

    Built-in Display Functions:

  • Count Up
  • Count Down
  • Random Scroll
  • Random Scroll to Digit Decoder
  • Random Scroll/ Count Combination
  • End of Count Stop
  • End of Count Flash
  • End of Count Reset
  • End of Count Random
  • End of Count Re-Start
  • End of Count Reverse
  • Elevator Mode 1 & 2
  • Type & Add up to 65535
  • Stop At User Defined Value
  • Display Format: 99
  • Display Format: 59
  • Auto Start On Power Up
  • Adjustable Brightness
  • Adjustable Left Hand Zero Masking
  • Two Ten Step Speed Controls
  • Adjustable Maximum Number of Digits
  • Factory Default Reset

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