Display Bezel 1.8"

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  • DB18x
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Our high quality, low cost bezel and filter assemblies are ideal for our MD series LED displays. These high impact bezels will enhance the appearance of your front panel displays while providing superior display visibility and durability.

Snap-fit Installation: is fast and efficient. Insert the Red or Green filter into the slots on the bezel, push the clip bars onto the pins and snap in. – this holds the lens. "CA" type glue can also be used to attatch Bezel.

The entire assembly can then be pushed into the panel cutout. This quick procedure provides a secure fit and is achieved without the use of any tools.

Recommended panel thickness is from .032 to .125 inches.

This size Bezel is best for 3 digits applications. Don't forget to choose the right color lense (red or green) when ordering.

A = 2.3"
B = 1.8"

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