Here is a partial list that we update from time to time of where you can see some of our work


Amistad A Band Apart All The Pretty Horses
Moth Man Chronicles Minority Report Austin Powers 2 & 3
Mr. Punk Matrix 2 & 3 The Amanda Show

Artificial Intelligence

The Astronaut’s Wife My Favorite Martian
Mask of Zorro Marshal Law A Dog Year
Brutally Normal Millennium Man Men Women & Dogs
My Giant  Bedazzled The Mexican
Batman and Robin Ninety Eight MPH Productions One Last Heist
Brain Smashes The Beast Men In Black 2
Cat In The Hat Oceans 11 & 13 One hour photo
Boys & Girls Cab to Canada Buddy Faro
Cliff Hanger The One Near Future
County Bears Path of War Clock Stoppers
Domestic Violence National Security Drive Like Lightning
Con Air Opposite Sex The Ring
The Patriot Chill Factor Passions
Perfect Storm Pearl Harbor Cloak and Dagger
Deuces Wild Deep Blue Sea Pushing Tin
 Domestic Disturbance  Road to Perdition  Poseidon Adventure
 Double Take  Dante’s Peak Rush Hour 1 & 2 
 Fight Sony Get Real Family Man
Rockets Red Glare  Rules of Engagement Resurrection Boulevard
Ghost World  The Rat Race Galaxy Quest
The Gift  Godzilla  Speed 2
Sabor Dida Lita Honey I Blew Up the Kid Gone In Sixty Seconds
Ghost of Mars Spy Games The Huntress
 Starship Troopers Star Trek 9 & 10 Heat Vision & Jack
Home Alone 3 Sword Fish  Independence Day
Soldier Sole Survives Jay & Silent Bob
Learning Curve Spider Man 2 & 3 Soldier of Fortune
Super Nova Space Cowboys Just Married
Storm Watch Little Nicky Stuart Little 2
Small Soldiers Simone Lucky Town
 Jurassic Park 2 Lethal Weapon 3 & 4 Sponge Bob Square Pants
 13 Floor 13 Days K-Pax
Three Kings The Truman Show What's the Worst Thing That Could Happen
Tick Tock Truckers Action
Training Days Alley McBeal Traffic
Alias Time Cop AT&T
True Lies The Agency Time Code
Babylon 5 Traktor Boston Public
  Cybill Virus
Chips 2000 View From the Top C.S.I.
What Women Want What Ever You Want Fail Safe (Live TV)
ER Diagnose Murder Scream 3
Fire Fly Waters Edge Freaky Links
Waken Up In Reno Giddieons Crossing Wind Talker
Grounded for Life Imposters Jack and Jill
Profiler JAG Power Rangers
LA Docs Roswell Level 9
Samsung Mob Rules (game show) Seven Days
Madd TV She Spies Six Feet Under
Mr. & Mrs. Smith Sliders Murder She Wrote
Snoops Nash Bridges Star Trek Enterprise
On Star Surface Once and Again
3rd Rock From The Sun Pretender That 70’ Show
Twenty Four West Wing Hollywood Bowl Fire Works Controller
Weard Science World's Greatest Magic Madonna World Tour 2001
World's Greatest Magic Reviled Dive restaurant Las Vegas McDonalds Play Place
X-Flies Melinda First Lady of Magic What About Brian