Servo Rotation Extender

  • Model
  • SC1000


  • Wire Remote control of Servo.
  • Direct Drive Servo beyond normal limits.
  • Protects Servo With Adjustable Limit Set.
  • Direct Manual Control of servo or
  • Full Adjustable Auto Mode.
  • Set Rotation Speeds and Delay of movement.
  • Easily Connects To Servo.
  • Runs on 6 Volts 4 AA batteries.
  • No Loss Of Torque.
  • Built-in Knob Reverse Option.
  • Overall Size 2-1/2x"L x 13/16x"W x 1"H.
  • Recommended for Analog Servos.


Servo Commander has TWO modes of operation.

Manual Mode:
In the manual mode the user can directly control the current position of a Futaba type hobby servo by turning the control knob of the servo commander. Also in the manual mode the user can fine-tune the servo commander to over drive a servo beyond it's normal operation limitations of typically 90 degrees. Depending on the model/brand of servo used, up to or over 180 degrees of rotation can be achieved. If desired the Servo Commander can also be used to limit a servo to just a few degrees of rotation.

Auto Mode:
In the auto mode the Servo Commander will rotate a servo back-and-forth from the limits established in the manual mode at a speed set by the user. The speed in which the servo will rotate is fully adjustable by the user. In fact, the clock wise and counter clock wise speed can be adjusted separately. The user can also set a delay before the Servo Commander reverses the stroke.

Operation Limitations:
The Servo Commander has been designed to work with Futaba J type servos between 4.8-6 Volts.  If another brand of servo is used, it is the user responsibility to acquire an appropriate adaptor for their servo. It is also the users responsibility to determine if their servos can be safely overdriven and is connected to the Servo Commander correctly before Power is applied. Electrofex is not responsible for damage to servos in any way. The Servo Commander is not intended for any kind of life support where a malfunction can cause harm to any persons or property. For complete instructions, click on the device Directions link.


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